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1985 BMW 528e Manual

the good:

top end refreshed about 15k miles ago, have documentation. Runs fantastically now and pulls pretty quick (for an m20b27), but the real kicker is the mpg. you cant go cruising for lot lizards if you can't afford the gas.

front end suspension rebuilt around tge same time (control arms, entire steering linkage, powdercoated strut housing, strut mounts, H&R sport springs and Bilstein HDs)

I wasn't planning on selling so I haven't gotten around to the rear suspension, but I have the rear HR springs (and the stock front springs) and they'll go with the car for the full price. I can put stock springs back on the front to drop price if neccessary.

I've got the full set of emergency tools for the trunk (not that you'll need them)

documentation from myself and the PO of all work done (aka top end refresh and front suspension work and other little things) is included

the bad:
interior 4/10, seats are ripped and dash us cracked (has a cover), some trim panels are loose
clutch will need replacing sometime soonish, doesn't slip at all now but you can tell it's worn.
could use rear subframe bushing
paint is cracked on the hood and there's some rust (although nothing terminal)

Central locks are on the fritz so I just took the fuse out, lock cylinder on drivers side is broken so it unlocks from the passenger side

I have some spare parts that would go with the beast: the stock front springs, two like new halfshafts, a new steering column with matching keys and lock cylinders for the whole car, an alternator, some belts, a hardcover Bentley manual, a couple PBR's, a hairy cat, and a clingy girlfriend.

she ain't a show car, but she is a reliable as hell, fresh looking from a distance, pretty speedy and definitely a fun daily. or a derby car. or a future chump series champ. or a classy getaway car for your upcoming convenince store robbing spree. whatever man, it's your car.

$1200 OBO

contact me at five_one_three - 5_eight_one - zero_9_seven_6
text preferred but if you call and I don't pick up leave a voicemail and I'll call ya back.

make sure you buy some condoms in bulk because you're gonna need em when you're driving this thoroughbred.
50 days ago
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