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Looking for the unique
Moved from Alabama to Charleston WV on 03/04/18

A few quick things about me:

I'm not looking to jump into your bed.
You will not receive unwanted "dick pics" from me. I have way more tact than that.
While I've been told on multiple occasions that I am rather intimidating to approach, you'd laugh at that statement, if you really knew me. So please do; get to know me that is. i.e: don't be afraid to message me. I generally respond to anyone who does in a positive light.

Still there? Well okay then.

I just moved here and am in dire need of friends and more. I've lived all over the US which has led me to have friends all over, but where I am currently staying at. I have moved around so much due to family tragedy, and the fact I now have zero. I digress. A bit what I am looking for;

Not a dude. Seriously, dudes on CL hitting up other men looking for women is just creepy. Not to mention most end up asking if I'd let them suck me off. So if you're a dude, Sorry bro. I chose to make those friends face to face in a none CL area. Guys are creeps. (Present company excluded)

If we're talking about what I look for in a female as for a relationship:
Thin to Average Build. (This does not mean I believe I will only be attracted to such, but...)
I'm a thin to average guy, and I prefer to date women like me. For friends, I could careless.
Either way friendship is the way to go regardless.
I don't care what you do for work. Or don't do.
I don't care if you're a College Grad or a High School Drop out.
I don't care that your past is royally fucked up and you're a disaster, but I have my own issues and am not looking to solve yours.
Love kids, can't have any of my own as my body say's; No.
I don't do drugs, but am okay if you do. Within reason. Heroine and Meth is a big f'cking no.
Wanna drop some Acid or eat a few shrooms? Knock yourself out! I've done my fair share of shit in the past.

What I am really looking for and am highly doubtful I'll find; is good ol' friendship that grows into something else. I'm extremely easy to get a long with and most people absolutely adore me and my quirky attitude. Thought I'd had found someone, but...


PS: [IMPORTANT] If you email me; You must have; Pictures and answer this question: "What am I not Looking for? Put your answer in the Header of the email and before anything else, type the reason you decided to email me or I will trash it as there is far to much, spam, bot's and people who just don't read.
Charleston, WV
2 months ago
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