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Toyota alltrac combo for trade
I'm just testing the waters. Seeing if this even interests people.

Both are manual!

1989 celica alltrac with 1999 st205 motor
1989 corolla alltrac wagon dlx

Clean and clear title in hand for both.

More pictures upon request.

The celica alltrac has a 3rd generation 3sgte engine and transmission.
It's a love hate relationship.
I've never been stranded on the road by it but it never runs for more than 3 days now a days without something causing it to sputter out and die. I've never had to have it towed home. It's always started back up and always gotten home.
I've done a lot to it and I really shouldn't give up on it but I'm coming to a point where I'd much rather drive something than have to continue to tinker away.

It's probably only gotten to this point because one little thing after another went wrong. So I parked out and have been doing what I can when I can.
I've done everything fuel and ignition wise at this point.

But here's the kicker, I had gotten all around to the fuel filter and it's been put in correctly but it just won't stop leaking fuel. There must be a small hole in the line that I made putting it on. I tried pretty hard to make sure the line didn't move while tightening the filter but the lines old and rusty. Which brings me here.

You can laugh at or with me. I know, I should just replace the fuel line.

I'm just going to make the rest of this short and sweet, the engine is great. Doesn't have anymore than 65-70k on it. The body has 125k on it.
The c20b turbo has absolutely no play in it.
The car is slightly rusty but doesn't have many dings, and it does not have any dents.
The interior is stripped, except for the door cards and the dash.
The seats are amazingly comfy though!
It has a boost controller.
Stage 3 Kevlar clutch.
New plugs, wires, distributor, o2 sensor, fuel filter, fuel regulator.
It's on sixth generation celica gts rims.

It's a good car and its as fast as you think.

I have the paperwork for the swap and mostly everything I listed. I just have to locate it.

It was driven last about 3 weeks ago before i changed the fuel filter.
Before that I drove it a few times a week.

So it might get you home if you put enough gas in it. It might not if the leak gets worse. It is currently a slow drip. Expect to have to tow this one.
If it gets some gas in it, it will run.
It's probably too low currently.

Now onto the wagon

1989 corolla alltrac wagon dlx

It's a rust bucket. No dents or dings. Faded paint.
A work horse and nothing but.
Drives, runs, and shifts fine.
This will drive you back home and probably 200 thousand more miles after, if the body doesn't turn to dust first!

206k miles on it. Did the value cover gasket about 10k miles ago.
The only weak spot on this engine from what I hear.
The second picture is from when I changed it.
I was so impressed I had to take one.

Comes with 2 full size spares.

I've never had a problem with this car.

And to answer your question about maintenance, I change spark plugs, and oil often, along with anything else when it's needed.
I care about my cars being up and running!

Feel free to contact me with questions, offers on the cars or cars of your own that you would like to trade.
2 months ago
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