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iPhone 5s 16 GB at&t
I'm selling my old iPhone 5s because I got a new phone. The charger I was using stopped working, so instead of buying a new charger I decided to pull the trigger on a new Android phone. Because of this, I don't have a well working charger to include with it. The one that broke works to a point, but the wiring is so messed up that it cuts in and out rapidly unless it's sitting still in the right position until it's done charging. But I will include the charger for you to use until you can get one and I will play with it so the phone is charged for you to test out the phone. You're welcome to bring a friend's charger to test on it so you know it is not the charging port on the phone that is broken and actually is the charger. The phone works great. It has 16 GB, and is gold on the back! Cool, huh?! It has been kept in an OtterBox case it's whole life. The phone is in almost perfect condition save for a few scuffs on the top, and the bottom by the charging port and headphone jack, from the years of blindly trying to plug stuff into them in the dark lol. I will include the OtterBox for fifteen dollars extra. The OtterBox is all black and will protect it from being thrown at a semi truck. Basically a super strong protective case! It's an expensive case and I just bought this one to replace an old worn otterbox less than a month ago. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions!
Columbus, OH
3 months ago
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