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Marantz CD5004 CD/MP3/WMA Player w/ Remote
This is a Pre-Owned Marantz CD5004. Cosmetically in Excellent Overall Condition. Comes with Original OEM Remote and Power Cable. Unit has been tested and works properly. Please make sure review all Pictures for Full Description and Item details.



Plays CD and CD-R RW, MP3, WMA, CD DA
Super audio CD grade 192kHz 24-bit cirrus logic CS4392 DAC
Pitch control for CD-DA
Multiple repeat, random, program, edit play modes
Analog audio circuits featuring HDAM®-SA2, High performance Cirrus Logic stereo D/A converter, Current-buffered headphone output
Audio EX mode for super-quiet performance
MP3/WMA playback capability, Variable pitch control, Adjustable Quick Replay, CD-Text, MP3/WMA tag data display
Independent gold plated analog output jacks, IR Flasger Input, IEC type detachable power code
ELNA Silmic Cerafine Series High Grade Audio Capacitors


Product Description

The CD5004 plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs – even those containing MP3 and WMA music files in addition to CD-standard PCM tracks. It also reads CD Text data from encoded discs, displaying tagged MP3 and WMA data to help identify the disc and its contents more accurately. Plus it incorporates Cirrus Logic CS4392 D/A Converters for spectacular sound quality that remains constant regardless of its environment and audiophile-grade analog audio circuits.

From the Manufacturer

The CD5004 marries convenience and flexibility with time-honored audio engineering techniques in an exceptional audio source whose performance belies its affordable price. Whatever your musical preference the CD5004 stands ready to reproduce all the power and detail that bring great performances to life. 

High Performance Audio High quality film capacitors are used in the audio signal path for superior transient speed and better bass response. The CD5004 utilizes our Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module, or HDAM, at critical analog circuit junctions to insure smooth and ultra-fast signal transfer from one stage to another. The D/A converters themselves come from Cirrus Logic. Yes, we’ve used them before but only in far more expensive products such as our THX-certified DV8400 DVD player; so we know they’re good. In fact, they’re capable of handling high definition audio data streams (DSD and 24-bit/192 kHz PCM signals) without losing their composure. You might think they’re a bit of overkill for CD reproduction. But you’ll know better once you hear the CD5004. For private listening, a current-buffer headphone amplifier is included for extraordinary sound quality. It’s no secret that audiophiles want everything just as it was recorded. If you’re of that persuasion, you’ll really appreciate the CD5004’s selectable Audio EX mode. Audio EX bypasses the pitch control, mutes the digital output, and shuts the FL display off completely. With those three potential noise sources eliminated, you’ll be able to hear everything just as the artists intended. 

Connections Connecting the CD5004 to the rest of your system is easy, even if you choose high performance cables. For one thing, the gold-plated output terminals are widely spaced so they won’t cramp heavy duty connectors. And the terminals are chassis-mounted so they’ll take the strain of audiophile interconnects. For custom installation demands, the CD5004 has a detachable AC cord and a flasher input jack for remote control ease. 

Convenience You’ll also be interested to know that the CD5004 plays more than just conventional CDs. It’s ready for CD-R and CD-RW discs with MP3 and WMA files, too. So you can listen to your favorite playlists with full CD convenience. In addition to all the information you need to locate and enjoy your favorite passages, the high density fluorescent display also shows CD Text. Simply press the remote’s TEXT button to see the album title, track title, artist and composer name, etc. If you’re a musician, the word “tuning” probably causes a grimace. That’s because it’s often very difficult to play along with a disc because of pitch differences between it and an instrument. The CD5004 offers an easy solution to that dilemma, a pitch adjustment that “retunes” the disc so you don’t have to retune your guitar or anything else you’re playing! And this pitch adjustment is perfect for slowing down those hard-to-learn riffs that can make or break a performance. Don’t forget the CD5004’s Quick Replay feature either. Just push a remote control button and the CD5004 instantly “backs up” anywhere from 5 to 60 seconds (your choice) and begins playing again. So if you didn’t catch that riff the first time, you can quickly hear it again.
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44 days ago
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