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annoyed !
OK... let me start this rant off with a question ! how do people that have 3,4,5,6 kids, with no income ,hasn't worked since the birth of their first kid still able to collect Heath care, food stamps and cash assistance and just live a bill free life? and then when someone who actually needs the assistance apply and get rejected because they make $4 a hour from a low end restaurant absolutely aggravates the life out of me. I am a single mother to a child who has very special needs which would require her to have Health insurance . that is all that we receive :/ that took are food stamps away and lowered her ssi check... now I'm complaining about this because like I said I'm a single mom that only works two days a week and count on this little bit of income to pay my bills. I am her full time care giver and can't work full time like I used to before her father left . I just don't understand how a 8 year old girl who's blind has 3 forms of epilepsy, is in a wheelchair and much much much more doesn't qualify for anything! instead of receiving help were having are benefits denied???? this is crazy to me... i have to find a new home in my area (because she goes to a great disability school) that is wheel chair accessible (which is impossible in my budget) and with all of my bills coming in I just can't keep up! there really has to be something I can do... if anyone has any information they can pass down that would be great! I just sincerely need help and suggestions.. thanks for reading
#rantover lol
Lakewood, OH
15 days ago
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