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I'm looking for a guy that can meet my girl at local bar, buy her drinks till she wants your cock, there's no limits to what she will do, touch her, kiss her, get her drunk and she will blow ya in an ally. If shes drunk enough tag that pussy lol she will only let you with a condom. And you ask why I'm ok with this and why I let it is bc while she's doing her thing I'm doing mine! ;) Its like an open relationship...

Shes hott so please be good looking and at least average size.. shes been dieing to suck a new dick, but she cant find a guy that dont wznt to take her home. she like to keep it public or alleyway fun.

I WILL NOT respond to no pics. Dont mention this add to her or she will bell out on you just play it off like a "stranger that just met her" the excitement isn't the same if its planned.

And yes that pic is her.

she will be wearing a dress for easy access.
West View, PA
21 days ago
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