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1996 Toyota corrola
Beater car special edition! This is the ultimate beater car it is beat to hell and back! when you Google images "beater car" this should be the first to pop up. There isn't a single part on this car that hasn't been touched by the beater swag. This car is perfect for living that IDGAF about my car life style! The pros about this car are that it has always started and driven and for the cons there's just too much to list. It has been sitting here for like a month because as you can see it's up on a Jack because the rear lug nuts broke off one wheel! Hopefully the battery isn't dead cause I'm not sure you can pop the hood anymore because of the ex wife rear ending someone. I'm replacing the lug nuts today so it's driveable again either driving it straight to a scrap yard or one of you lucky craigslisters want to add this buety to your collection.So let me know if you want it I'm open to trades and low ball offers! cell# 51341025twelve
Cincinnati, OH
2 months ago
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