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1994 Mazda Miata 1.8L
Time to sell my project. Its not worth what I'm asking in my eyes, but it's worth a shot at least. I still owe on the car, so the price is sadly firm. I think it had like 133xxx last time I looked at it.

This car has been sitting for about a year. It's not perfect at all.

I have a 1994 Miata.
1.8L NA
Only power adders in aware of is a Racing beat intake.

The bad:
-It's rusty. Kinda bad. Good chassis to throw around at least.
-Passenger front fender is fucked from previous owner
-Can't get the car to start. It ran fine before I stored it. Can't figure out if it's a fuel pump relay or the pump itself.
-Needs a new battery or a jump.
-Its leaky. I believe the pan gasket and rear main need to be replaced. Maybe a valve cover gasket too.
-Needs tires bad. And an alignment. Wheels are fucked too but hold air and aren't bent to my knowledge.
-No A/C. But the car is stripped anyways.
-Shitty stereo. Cracked dash. Nothing pretty.
-Needs brakes and normal routine maintenance
I'm probably forgetting stuff, but like I said, nothing pretty.

The good:
-BC adjustable dampening coils. Not sure of the specific model.
-Danny George front angle kit. So much angle full lock on these wheels rub and stall the car.
-Hard Dog double diagonal roll bar, works with hard tops.
-Hard top with hard mounts, and defrost. Only problem is one of the Frankenstein bolt holders broke off and there is a bump on the top from when too long of a bolt was ran through the hole. Does not leak. I do not have the side hard mounts.
-Stripped interior, track ready.
-Blox weighted shift knob
-Flyin Miata Wilwood front brake kit with Hawk pads (I believe). Needs to be replaced anyways.
-Other suspension modifications that I don't know specifics on. Don't really remember.
-Corksport exhaust. This thing is not quiet.
-Grip Royal steering wheel with peeling paint and NRG short hub
-DW fuel pump. Can't remember the model, but I know it's beefy and is enough to power a V8 conversion if needed.

That's everything off the top of my head. I'm most likely forgetting things. Like I said, I don't expect to sell this thing. It's not really worth what I owe on it. But it's worth a try at least.

more pictures on request. just shoot me a text.

313 - two 3 one - six 9 three one ask for Vince. texts are preferred. calls only after 4:30
38 days ago
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