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HELP! $100 negotiable or title to my kia sportage!! I am looking for a auto cosigner that I can help build their credit! Must have good credit already & be able to be approved for the loan! I need a vehicle & no one around me has good enough credit to cosign. I WILL PAY YOU IF YOU ARE ABLE TO BE APPROVED!! Pay is negotiable!! I am 110% reliable in paying my payments.I can prove previous payments and full pay off on my last loan to you.My credit is not good enough on its own due to my age (18).If you can help me or would like to get in touch for further details proof etc please contact via 3305249560 texts preferred.I do work and can also prove my employment.I also have a car not currently running but would be a good a to b car if a back passenger control arm was replaced.I would be more than willing to trade car for a cosigner!!
Ravenna, OH
2 months ago
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