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Saltwater Tank 75 gallon
Rose Bubble Anemone
Toad Stool Leather
Green tip leather
Torch coral
Hammer with 5 or 6 heads
frogspawn with 5 or 6 heads
2 Orange Monti caps
1 small monti cap frag on a rock
maze brain frag
open brain
red zoas
red acan colony
assorted acan rock
Duncan colony

Clown fish pair
Small Hippo Tang
one dot Foxface
cleaner shrimp
assorted crabs and snails
sand sifting goby

80lbs of live rock
80lbs of live Fiji pink sand

All livestock must be sold first!

I will have the rest of the equipment up for sale once all livestock is sold.

75 Gallon Marineland Reef Ready tank
2- Jaebo
1- JB Wave for the Jaebos
Magnet Cleaner
2- AI Hydra 26 HD
Eshopps RS200 sump
Bubble Magus Skimmer
Jaebo 6000 DC pump
Bulk Reef Supply Dual reactor with carbon and GFO it also comes with the pump
colbalt neo heaters 2- 150 watt and 1-75 watt

Handmade stand and canopy staind espresso

I also have 4 weeks worth of filter socks, extra carbon, and GFO.
Bulk Reef Supply 2 part dosing kit

Aquafx RO/DI 100 GPD
Genie ATO KIT with 5 gallon bucket

I am sure there is more but this is everything you need to run this tank.

I will sell things separately but all livestock must be sold first

Fort Wayne
2 months ago
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