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missing you
Howdy stranger,

I miss you.

It seemes like a week ago that We met at that adult book store.
You were looking at all the oversized dildos and butt plugs and it caught my curiosity. I couldn't believe that one of those big ass dildos would fit in your tight little ass of yours. We struck up a conversation and you seemed like you we were a decent match and that you be a good bottom for me. And you were.

I remember the first time i saw your beautiful face. Our first actual meeting, it was at a neutral country bar that you picked. So that way no One would recognize you.

You got there first and by the description of my outfit you would notice me instantly. You said you were a bit drunk at the store and you forgot exactly what I looked like. Honey, I don't know-how you could forget me. But regardless.

I told you I would wear a red cowboy hat to stand out. And as I walked in, All eyes were on me honey, every guy in the joint.

I was dressed to kill, i wore a red leather mini shirt, black stockings and some really tall hooker boots with stiletto heels.

My large dee cup breasts were crammed into my favorite black Victoria secret push up bra, It it so soft.

Topped off by a thin black see through blouse and a black leather jacket.

I was a bit taller than you, even without the heels on. 6 foot give or take an inch.

I remember how my dark skin contrasted with the locals, they must have never seen a tall and beautiful black woman in there before.

Then I saw you, sitting at the bar wearing jeans and a flannel. You looked delicious.

And it was a gentleman of you to buy the first drinks too. Then after a few drinks I said we should get out of there and find a place to relax.

I had a room at the local motel already, and you wanted to go and get some drink before we got there.

A quick stop at a liquor store and off we went.

As we walked into the room i remembered you grabbed my ass. I didn't reject it your hands were so strong.

You said you have never done anything like this before and I wasn't sure if I could believe you or not. I have heard that line before. But you seemed so nervous and sincere, it wasn't clear until then.

I was sitting on the bed and I rubbed on your back to try and relax you. Must have worked because You took another shot of the whiskey and you finally said that you wanted to suck on my dick.

I thought you wanted me to take charge so I stood up in front of you and slowly pushed my skirt down. Honey my cock was hard as a rock and just begging to be sucked by then.

I kicked my skirt of, still wearing the heels of course. My cock was only encumbered by the stockings then. As I pushed them down you leaned forward and I could feel your hot breath on me. Do you remember that, because I do. You were so nervous, your hands were trembling and sweat was in your forehead.

It was so exciting, I mean I have always loved breaking in a new boy toy, but you were so much more than that. So much more honey.

I lifted up my cock to your lips and your hesitation was unbearable, my cock was throbbing as it hovered in the air waiting for you to make a move.

I wanted to cram it in your mouth and throat fuck you until you choked and begged me for air. But I didn't, I let you take your time. You slowly opened your mouth and wrapped your lips around me. Your mouth was so hot and wet. You sucked on the head of my cock like calf at the teet. It was a magnificent sensation.

Slowly you took more and more of me into your mouth. Your lips glided up and down my shaft so effortlessly and it seemed like it was in a dream. I felt that We were connected somehow, spiritually even. We were on a different plane of existence.

As i am writing this letter to you, my cock is so fucking hard right now just thinking about you.

You slowly sucked me deeper into your mouth, I remember thinking for a second that I was going to come right then and there. But I held back and allowed you to continue to make love to my cock.

I wasn't sure you have ever done this before, you seemed like you knew what you were doing. Your hand stroked me as your mouth sucked me. Your moans vibrated my cock like no other man, or woman for that matter, has done for me.

You had about half of my ten inch cock in your mouth. And I think I knew that right then and there that I was going to fall in love with you.

You even licked and sucked my ball the exact way I like it.

Your mouth felt so good, I miss it. I miss you.

No one has ever sucked my dick the way you have, the passion, the drive. The eagerness to make me happy. Normally it's just a quick suck to get me hard so I could fuck them. But you, you loved being on your knees with a cock in your mouth.

I could tell your jaw was getting tired, most newbies can not last as long as you did. And you slowly pulled back and my cock slipped from your mouth. It didn't stop you from stroking me though.

Then you said those magic words.

Fuck me. Fuck me right now.

I stepped back and you quickly undid your belt as you kicked off your shoes. I started unbuttoning your shirt and you looked up at me with those baby blue eyes. You stripped down to nothing and just looked at me.

I told you that I would be gentle.

I turned you turned around and told you to hop up on the bed. I grabbed my loob and stood up behind you. You ass was so fucking beautiful. It was all puckered up and ready to get plowed.

I loobed your hole with a finger as I loobed and stroked my cock.

You were a bit low so I grabbed your hips and raised your ass up. Then I lined my cock up with your hole and slowly pushed the head it, it popped in smoothly, surprisingly. Then I remembered your pension for big toys, sadness overcame me for a second then I realized you were tight as a drum.

I slid in the first few inches with no problem, after that your ass tightened up like a vise on my cock.

You moaned as I slipped deeper into your ass, oh it felt so good. You felt so good. My hands on your hips I began to push deeper.

I got about half way in and I stopped, I figured I would let you get used to having a big black cock inside you for once, I mean you were so much tighter than I could ever imagined.

And I was going to let you Finnish getting the rest of me inside you at your pace. And you did, after a minute of me rubbing on your back and your ass, you slowly began to push back into me. I held onto your hips just to guide you and you slowly bounced back and forth until my cock was balls deep in your ass and my hips were pressed firmly against your soft and squishy ass cheeks.

I held you there for a minute so you could get used to it, I even flexed my cock a few times, knowing you would like it.

Oh I just wanted to start fucking the hell out of you. But I wasn't sure how you would take it. Literally, and I felt a bond between us, I didn't want to hurt you anymore than you wanted to be hurt. You know what I mean.

I miss you baby, I wanna be with you. Behind you slowly pumping my chocolate stick in your ass again. Remember the first time, after you got used to me I worked on in and out slowly. You moaned and said to call you a sissy bitch.

It was new ground for me, but I did it anyway.

Take that big black cock you sissy bitch I remember saying to you.

You moaned and pushed back into me. My hands gripping hard on your hips as I pushed deeper into you.

Yes you finally said. Fuck me, fuck me like the little bottom bitch I am.

I started off slowly full length pushing in and out of your tight white fuck hole.

Take take sissy boy, I said. It actually turned me on a bit.

Take it you fucking bitch.

Harder and harder I fucked you and louder and louder you became. Your ass cheeks were clapping as I tore you ass up. You your head down and arches your back just how I like it.

I slammed into your ass over and over again. And you kept telling me to fuck your sissy ass harder so I did. I even started slapping your ass, you seemed to like it.

Fuck me harder you cried. I didn't think I could, but I tried. Pulling your hips back and slamming mine forward I crashed into you. Over and over again.

oh god yes you cried. Fuck me baby as you degrade me .

It seemed kind of cool so I played along. I started out by saying.

You like having a big nigger dick inside you. You like that huge cock deep in you sissy white ass.

I kept pounding your ass mercilessly, giving it all I had.

I kept going and said. Your sissy ass just loves a big black cock deep inside you. Don't you. Sissy boy finally getting what she deserves.

You started moaning just like a girl too.

Take that cock sissy boy, you wish you were born a girl don't you. So you could take all the nigger dick you wanted.

Harder and harder i slammed into you as I berated you.

Sissy boy loves a big dick in her ass, wishes she had one in her mouth too. I should dress little sissy boy up and fuck her like the little bitch she is.

You came and then I came. You felt embarrassed and then left.

Oh honey it was fun. Once in a lifetime opportunity I guess. I miss you, why won't you return my phone calls or texts.

I want to fuck that sweet little ass of your again. I know you want it as much as I do.

Toledo, OH
27 days ago
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