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Hello. I am writing this for my woman as she lost a bet the other night and now she has to pay her debts. The deal was if who ever won would have their fantasies fulfilled. Well she lost, and here I am making sure she holds up her end of the deal.

So fellas here it is I am offering up at least once and maybe a regular thing. You get to enjoy my girlfriend at least once maybe more. That will be decided as time goes and if she enjoys it.

We are a sexy fun out going couple who enjoys many things in life. One thing we both enjoy is some fun dirty sex between us. We have recently taken on a new fun sexy lifestyle of cuckold/ femdom. Yes she locks up my penis and controls me like a little dog. I know this may sound odd or weird to you but it is something were trying in life. As part of this she does have her own freedom to do whatever she wants and I don't have a word to say about it. I will admit she is a little shy about things but once she's comfortable she's a ball of fun and hard to keep up with.

We're not looking for the next brad Pitt. But we would like a taller,toned body male, who is very well hung and proper hygiene is a must . You must be a white guy, sorry black guys I tried like hell to get her to allow a black guy but she said no. We would like you to be respectful of her wishes and ours as a couple. This will be a. I pressure situation and just an NSA kinky adventure for us.

There's a good chance that I would not be joining in the fun as I might just sit back and enjoy the show. I might lean in to get a closer view or even help you if needed with pleasing her. I may not even be in the room, I could be in another room or even out of the home. Pictures and videos would be required if I'm not in the room. I might also be there just to take video and pictures. You can also partake in humiliating me abut my cock being locked up in a chastity cage, or even dominate me. This will be all about her and her pleasure. Remember were letting you in on our relationship please don't be a one pump chump as that will kill the whole thing. Please be very well orally skilled and be able to go multiple rounds.

We would like to meet in public maybe for drinks or even dinner one evening, to get a feel for each other and to break the ice. Can't guarantee that anything will happen right away. We will go at her pace so please be patient.

Now a little bit about us. We are a white couple she's in her early 40's and he's in his early 30's. We're located in a small city in southern indiana. We do enjoy the night life and getting out and having fun. We're both laid back blue collar people with a heart of gold. We both very clean hygiene people.

Okay final bit and I'll be done.
We do require facial pictures, upper body pictures and yes guys even a picture of your package. No we will not collect pictures or share them. They will be for helping with the selection process and nothing more. We will need a little about you information. If you fail to do either of these then your email will be deleted and not considered. We will send pictures and more info about us to one's we fill could be a good match. I know it may seem a lot to ask for but this is a very big step for us and a very serious thing we're trying and don't want to be disappointed or have a bad experience. Well we hope to hear from all you sexy men, and hope to find a good local match. Also we will not travel. If you wanna sleep with her you will have to come to her.
3 months ago
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