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Dr. Bar Academic Instructor: Operations & Production Management Lecturer
Dr. Ezra Z Bar, PhD, MBA, P.Eng

Dr. Bar instructs and teaches the Production and Operations Management online course at Yourkville University, Fredericton, NB.

Dr. Bar helps graduate students with their thesis and dissertation projects, including pre-submission reviews and brain storming, statistical methods application, as well as academic writing and referencing styles.

Dr. Bar helps Graduates of Industrial/ Production Engineering to prepare for their P.Eng exam, toward obtaining their Professional Engineer License.

Dr. Bar has more than three decades of consulting, training, mentoring, and tutoring. His life long career includes Business Architecture, Business and IT Strategy, Business Processes Reengineering, and Industrial Engineering subjects, to name the major ones.

In addition to class-courses, Dr. Bar teaches, instructs, tutors and helps Engineering and Business students and Graduates, including Online students, in one-on-one and online (e.g., Skype).

Dr. Bar also meets his students at York University (Scott Library) and public libraries.

One-on-one tutoring and class-courses include:
* Industrial/ Production Engineering,
* Production and Operations Management,
* Micro Economics and Engineering Economics,
* Project Management,
* Business Analysis,
* Management Information Systems,
* Business Strategy,
* Organizational Behaviour,
* Supply Chain Management,
* Manufacturing Facilities Layout Design and Material Handling Planning,
* Linear Programming,
* Long and Short Term Planning and Job Scheduling,
* Business Statistics and Statistics for Engineers.

References from past students are available for a direct contact.

Please contact Dr. Bar for a free consultation.

SMS: 416-931-8165
Email: ezb.phd@gmail.com
Concord, ON L4K 5S1
10 days ago
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